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// Useful sites for the hacky weeb

    Anime and manga

  • nyaa.si Torrents for almost every anime. Really good public indexer.

  • HorribleSubs XDCC A lot of anime for downloading through IRC.

  • Waifu2x Great deep learning tool for upscaling anime images and artwork.

  • Spiraphobia Huge collection of horror manga.

  • Ebooks

  • papyrefb2 (.onion) Ebooks in Spanish

  • Library Genesis Huge collection of ebooks.

  • (Ethical) Hacking

  • scylla.sh Password breach database searcher.

  • Music

  • VKMusic You can download almost any song from here directly from Russia!

  • Piracy

  • The Pirate Bay (.onion) A classic.

  • The Eye Massive open directory with lots of stuff. ROMs, MSDN mirror and a lot of questionable documents also. Really interesting place.

  • Macadmins Direct links for OSX Office installers.

  • Techbench by WZT Almost all the Microsoft products are here.

  • abbodi1406's Batch Scripts Repo Great collection of scripts for pirating Microsoft products and more (need registration).

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