Mark Cornick

Chaotic good. Professional cloud plumber and Kubernetes pilot. Unprofessional father/widower/DJ/soccer supporter. “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” He/him.

My last name is “Cornick”, not “McCormick.” If you’re looking for spices, you’re in the wrong place.

Radio Shows

Luv’n Time International (the “International” is what makes it classy) is my current weekly streaming radio show. It is a mix of funk, soul, jazz, beats and breaks, intended to be an hour of fun. It airs at 0000 UTC on Fridays (7:00 PM EST on Thursdays in North America) on aNONradio.

Giant Steps was my previous show. Until mid-October 2022, the show featured jazz, with a particular focus on bop, post-bop, and the good parts of modern and fusion.

Archives are available from aNONradio. under Luv’n Time International.) Enjoy!


Python is my programming language of choice for most things. I’ve written some useful things in Python:


I also dabble in Go. My current projects are linenoise, another password generator library, and mpg, a command-line tool for the linenoise library.


You can also find me on GitHub, Mastodon, Pixelfed, and Peertube.

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