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About Me

Software Engineer at eBay, ex-Googler, with a background in Data Science from UPenn.


Mingyang Li received two Bachelor's degrees studying nanomaterials. Just when he thought he'd create his own self-healing superhero armor, he found himself in love with data crunching more than with magnetron sputtering1. Following his heart, soon after joining the Scientific Computering (SCMP) program at UPenn, he submatriculated into DATS.


I was a Research Associate at Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS), where I build pipelines to parse SEC filings (Form 10-K, etc.). I conduct social science research at the World Well-Being Project (WWBP), mainly focusing on comparing Chinese and American cultures using microblog data. I joined Google as a software engineer in late 2019, moved on to eBay in 2021 and lived happily ever after.



Publicable datasets I worked on

Course Notes

Shared here are my review notes and summaries for some courses I have taken. Hope you will find one helpful.

"Learn a course as if you are to teach it."
- Mingyang Li

CIS545 Big Data Analytics - Spring 2018

This was a fun course to attend.

STAT512 Mathematical Statistics - Spring 2018

Taught by Professor Ewens, this course was a charm.

CIS550 Database - Fall 2017

"A SQL query goes into a bar, walks up to two tables and asks, 'can I join you?'"
- Anonymous

CIS502 Algorithm Analysis - Fall 2017

I got a C for this course. Don't believe anything I wrote in my notes.

CIS519 Intro To Machine Learning - Fall 2017

Notes here are in Markdown format. I recommend Typora as your Markdown editor/viewer.

MNS321 Electrical and Optical Properties of Materials - Spring 2016

Taught by Professor Gunter Scholz at the University of Waterloo -- yes, I was a nanomaterial student before diving into data science.

Miscellaneous Notes

Listed here are notes not related to any course and also not suitable as a blog post.