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Recommended MIDI Player(s)

Windows (modern)

Windows (9x/2000/XP)

MacOS 9


Recommended Software Synths

If you don't have access to a hardware sound module/tone generator, another option is a software synth.

Yamaha S-YXG is abandonware:

By default, this software installs the 2MB wavetable files but you can make the driver load the 4MB wavetable files:
  • Extract sxgbin41.tbl & sxgwave4.tbl from the 1403848.cab file included in the zip
  • Copy these to the \windows\system\ folder
  • Then edit \windows\sxgma.ini - add the "waveset=1" line below the [setup] section and save changes
  • Now restart your Win9x/2000 system and play a MIDI file in any MIDI Player (try the included XGPlayer)
If you want to go back to the 2MB wavetable, modify to "waveset=0" and reboot for the change to take effect.
Supplemental Software

Things you may find useful...
  • CoolSoft MIDIMapper
    • Allows you to map/configure MIDI devices in modern Windows.
    • Embed and play XG MIDI files in html pages, for Win9x/MacOS 9 only!
  • Rightmark Audio Analyzer 5.5
    • Intended for testing the quality of analog and digital sound sections of any audio equipment, be it a sound card, portable audio player, consumer CD/DVD player, or a speaker system.

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